Professional Pruning Services

NT-HortV-3Get your plants and trees in shape for the growing season

DID YOU KNOW? – The best time to trim and prune many shrubs and trees is in late winter and early spring before they start to grown! Shaping, thinning-out and removing dead or diseased branches before the growing season begins helps keep plants, trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

The Natural Touch Winter/Early Spring Pruning Program includes:

  • Removal of dead, damaged,or hazardous limbs
  • Pruning of limbs that interfere with walkways and structures
  • Removal of crossed or rubbing limbs
  • Pruning out suckers

Annual Pruning Guide

Winter (December-February)

  • Deciduous and evergreen trees, crab apples and other pest-prone plants

Early Spring (March-April)

  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Semiwoody perennials (butterfly bush, Russian sage)
  • Broad-leaved evergreens (boxwood, holly, firethorn)
  • Summer-flowering trees, shrubs, vines, hydrangea, and roses

Spring/Early Summer (May-June)

  • Spring-flowering shrubs (forsythia, rhododendron, lilacs)
  • Evergreen shrubs (yews, juniper, boxwood)

Midsummer/Fall (July-November)

  • Flowering perennials and annuals

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